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The big day is finally arriving. You are extremely excited. But something is still bothering you because you are wondering where to get engaged. This singularly important event needs to be made very special and unique and not the usual run of the mill stuff. So here are some thrilling ways to surprise your sweetheart.Choose a Romantic DestinationOne surprising way is to take your beloved to some exotic city in maybe another country to make the proposal. Rest assured, a spur- of- the- moment spree will have an element of surprise and may thrill your partner. What more, if you have already spent a lot of splendid time together at all the nearby spots; an exotic locale will create the right atmosphere for this big romantic occasion. After all, it is a momentous day and both of you deserve the best. So make the most of it.Make a Surprise Engagement PartyEngagement day is the most thrilling event in your life. It is very personal and a most cherished experience. But at the same time you would like to share this great news with all those whom you love. So why not put an element of surprise in it? Think of different ways you can do it. Here is one way.You have planned a getaway to a romantic spot. You propose and then both of you head to your favorite restaurant to find your friends and family waiting to open the champagne bottle. Stick to a Casual ProposalIt is not a bad idea if you want to make the ceremony a simple affair and make the proposal at home. However, it is good to keep a few points in mind. Wait for a congenial and a relaxed atmosphere. You would not like to rush up and put a ring on your sweetheart when she is busy wearing her makeup. Discreetly create a romantic mood and then spring a surprise. The WeddingAfter engagement the next big event naturally is the wedding. A smart couple knows that planning and organizing a wedding is the key to making it a roaring success. To help keep all your plans on track there are many online wedding planning tools available today. These tools have the very features that young brides and grooms look for while planning their wedding. For instance, you have a wedding check list, budget calculator, guest list manager, and a general planning list to name a few. Apart from that, there is a host of wedding sites too. One can practically get a guide to everything and anything concerning a wedding. Whether it is jewelry, parties and showers, wedding supplies or wedding music you have it all. For planning a reception, you have guide to purchase from an array of table centerpieces, decorations, cake toppers, place glass holders and toasting glasses.

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