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Experts in the sector say that any companies seeking to progress their current relationships and communication with their consumers should consider utilising social media.Ms. Liana Evans, expert and blogger for, recently wrote: กฐFirms could easily reap many rewards, but only if they took the time to apply social media strategies, while monitoring services on social networking sites (i.e. Twitter)?She also said that new forms of technology make it possible (and readily available) for businesses to clearly see what patrons think of their services and products.The expert noted an example where a firm noticed a Twitter post where a customer revealed complaints about the company.The company then proceeded to contact the Twitter user as to exactly why they ended up dissatisfied, and then made the correct step of rectifying the situation. When the company did so, the person then took to Twitter and praised the business for doing so.กฐIf businesses have open dialect with their audience, in a genuine non-threatening manner, then they can reap great rewards. Iกฏve seen it happen.Ms. Evans said.She recommends browsing around social services i.e. Twitter, Myspace or Facebook ?where insight and profitable knowledge will be gained, and not just from a financial standpoint either.

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