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Computer Interfaces
A lot of computer interfaces are going wireless. To give comfort at work, optical mouse`s and keyboard`s are being designed to eliminate the wire. There are many gaming consoles which work without being connected via wire. There are systems which capture real time data and then send them for detailed analysis like the weather forecast system. There the system is located in a remote area and hence no wired connection is possible. After capturing the data`s the system transmits them with the help of blue tooth technology to some remote server. The remote server does all the calculations and then sent it to some other remote servers to transmit the data.The wireless technologies are based on sensors. Think of the television or some other remote. It is connected without wires but works fine from a certain distance. The principle of working is a sensor is kept at both the devices i.e. the television and the remote. When a signal is generated and transmitted it is received by the sensor located in the Television. On receipt of the signal, the corresponding interrupt is triggered to change the present state as directed. The sensors need to work fine and should be maintained in such a way so that they do not get damaged quickly.

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