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With unpredictable climatic conditions which cause global warming and other ecologically adverse conditions, the environment is potentially lacking favorable conditions for plant growth, both for agricultural purposes and for scientific research purposes.

Being said that, it is quite evident that environmentally conditioned and highly specialized plant growth chambers are gaining significance in various research and experimental activities in domains involving plant growth, study of microbes, fermentation, seed germinators, phytotrons, tissue culture applications, enzyme reaction studies and many more. Plant growth chambers are also widely used in various other customized industrial and research applications which require a controlled environmental set-up.

A plant growth chamber is designed in such a way that it replicates environmental conditions like humidity and temperature in a very controlled and optimum manner, so that it is in an excellent condition which favors maximize plant growth. These chambers are very much similar to environmental chambers or terrestrial plant growth chambers as the plants or the microbes are exposed to real environmental conditions of temperature and humidity inside the walled chambers for experimentation purpose.
Different plants and organisms require different levels of temperature and humidity. This problem gets solved by the use of an efficient plant growth chamber. The main application of plant growth chamber is in the domain of botany or the domain of plants like plant breeding and genetic research, photosynthesis, nutrition, and other aspects of plant physiology. Even though it is an enclosed area which is suitable for plant growth, it is different from green house.

The main advanced features of a highly specialized plant growth chamber may include digital touchscreen controls, observation windows to check the progress in the middle of experiment, additional lighting facilities, humidity control, CO2 enrichment, spray nozzle packages, air-cooled condensing, remote-controlled condensing, dry alarms, cabinets and shelving, dimmable lighting, extended temperature ranges, and heated or glass doors.

Plant growth chambers are generally available in two models like reach-in and walk-in. It is also possible to get the plant growth chamber customized as per the requirement, so that it specially meets your challenging research needs. Apart from botanical interest, plant growth chambers are also used for military forces, educational institutions and other research and development institutions.

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